Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bad Habit - No Excessive Snacking

I did really well with my No Fast Food Challenge this week.  I did have a turkey and ham sandwich from Subway but it really doesn't count as traditional fast food because it's fresh and I didn't have cheese or mayo.  As I was reading another website, I came across this article from the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK about the dangers of fast food: McDonald's Happy Meal Has 12 Month Shelf Life - GROSS! 
This is yet another reason to avoid fast food.  I also managed to lose 1.4lbs this week.  Yay!  And since I only managed 3 runs last week, I know my weight is down because I have been eschewing fast food.  Don't get me wrong I was tempted twice last week but I reminded myself that I had good food at home and if I wanted to indulge, I could only have Subway.  Limiting my on-the-go options to just Subway helped me stay in control.

This week's Bad Habit Break-Up will be excessive late-night snacking.  The reality is, I often have a snack after dinner.  Generally, I only have lean protein and steamed vegetables for dinner.  I started this recently so that I could save my carb for my snack.  And so far, it's working well.  Basically, I have a Fiber One Bar with some yogurt or a bag of 94% fat free popcorn and it's just enough to satisfy my craving without going overboard.  My concern this week is when I am up late working and trying to keep my snacking to a minimum when I'm crazy busy, bored or tired.  These are the times I'm most likely to "snack binge" - or have way too many servings of snacks in one sitting.  So my goal for the week is to rein in the outta control snacking.


  1. Good luck with your goal this week. I know what you mean about the snacking. That's also good to know about the Happy Meal. No more for my kids. :-) I'd love to follow along on your journey. I'm a 30-something year old with all the challenges of working and raising a family. I'm also a Beachbody Coach and will start ChaLEAN Extreme as soon as it arrives. I absolutely loved Turbo Jam. Feel free to check out my website for nutritional and fitness tips at

    Good luck!

    Yasmine Allen
    Independent Team Beachbody Coach

  2. Thanks Yasmine for the support. This decade is a trying one with all the changes and responsibilities. That's why I started this blog. To give voice to some of the challenges of becoming an adult :)