Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm back with dumb choices

After the end of the semester, I figured things would slow down for me and in a way there have but mostly they haven't.  But I don't want this blog to descend into a total abyss of neglect so let's first recap what's been happening with my "Dirty 30's" life.

  1. Somehow I got saddled with coordinating our department's graduation reception, printing the graduation programs, writing and delivering the commencement address.  Basically, I did everything and when I got home, I was beat.  To make matters worse, my mentally ill uncle shows up at my house uninvited.
  2. I stupidly accepted 3 teaching assignments over the summer and an advising gig. Money was the motivator but damn if I'm not swamped.
  3. I have an article deadline of August 15th and I haven't even begun the initial research. Eeek!
  4. To get out of finishing the Couch to 5K program again, I told my husband I was going to do a 30 Day Shred, Zumba, occasional run hybrid rotation for July.  Of course, he's holding me to it even though I've got a bright new shiny box of Turbo Fire workouts to try.
  5. Decided to spend the month of July tracking my spending and OMG, no wonder I'm always broke.
  6. The tags on my car have expired and I got an extension to get my catalytic converter replaced but I don't want to fork over the money since my husband is giving me his car in January.
  7. I'm going nuts being cooped up in this house...but I need to save for our trip to England in December.
So basically, I've never really gotten any rest.  I'm moody, irritable and ready to explode.  I have a spa day planned with some girlfriends on Monday but I really can't justify the expense right now (because I just HAD to get a new set of patio furniture, Turbo Fire, Zumba classes and an Oprah magazine on bargain hunting [WTF?] but forgot to pay my Citibank bill). I also had plans to go to my sorority convention but even that is looking dicey now....


I would like to say that being in the Dirty Thirties was hard because of what life throws at you but I'm coming to realize, my life is hard because I make a lot of dumb ass choices.

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