Friday, February 25, 2011

Opps, I Did It Again *Sigh*

....I don't think I will ever learn at the rate I'm going.  I had another ridiculous stupid money month in February where I've spent $254 on dining out (this doesn't include our joint grocery budget).  The problems started in January when someone was able to charge $1200 in new smartphones onto my debit card while I was in Europe.  I had the card with me so it came as a total shock when I looked at my checking account balance.  Fortunately, my credit union gave me a temporary credit so I could pay my bills.  Cool. But I'm an idiot who likes to tempt fate and I dipped into the money once Amazon credited my account.  Idiot, I know....I was short $400 and had to take an advance on my payroll saving account to cover the cost.

Fortunately, the interest rate is negligible but I do have to pay the full amount back at the end of February.  D'oh! To complicate things, I still have 3 checks out which haven't been paid and again I dipped into that money. Shit! I had to take yet another advance to cover those checks and tomorrow is my husband's birthday and he usually gets shafted b/c I can't seem to manage my money through the end of the month. Luckily, I got paid today from my side hustle. Whew!

Now I'm able to pay off all the bills, buy my momma a gift for her birthday (also in February), celebrate DH's birthday without handing him a card with an IOU note inside and put $300 toward my credit card bills (this in addition to the minimums I pay each month).  But this leaves only $50 of "play money" for March.  Why do I keep doing this to myself?

I am determined to get a handle on this "non-budgeted" spending if it kills me.  I'm already planning to sell some stuff to raise funds but I need to stop eating out so much esp. since I grocery shop and cook pretty regularly.  I found myself ravenous this AM when I was getting our living room ready for the arrival of new furniture.  It wasn't like we didn't have food....I was just too lazy to prepare it. But the $254 is imprinted into my brain and I scrambled to find a way to buy something quick.  Luckily, my husband had just given me a $10 Subway Card.  Wahoo!  Since they are having a $5 footlong sandwich promotion, I got a 12" sandwich which I had for 2 meals (breakfast and lunch).  I already had some pork chops thawing so guess what's for dinner?

After DH's birthday dinner tomorrow (which I have budgeted for), it will be brown bag lunches - chili, stews, salads, casseroles.  I honestly don't have a choice if I want to ever get out of debt. Urgh! I hate that I'm back at the drawing board.

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