Friday, January 22, 2010

A Blessing in Disguise - The FIRM VHS Challenge

After nearly a week on my duff, I decided I needed to exercise.  I go into my garage where I normally workout only to discover that my uber-cheap DVD Player will not turn on.  I fiddled with that thing for about an hour before I gave up in frustration.  Knowing that I wasn't in the mood to hop on the treadmill but desperate to get back on the wagon, I turned to my collection of exercise VHS tapes.  I pulled out the FIRM's Basics Sculpting with Weights workout with Master Instructor Tracie Long and got busy.  After 45 minutes of lat rows and grapevines, lunge/squat combos and some ab work, I decided, "why not see what kind of results you could get with just your FIRM VHS tapes and 2 runs on the treadmill?"  I've avoided those VHS tapes not because the workouts are outdated or anything, but those particular workouts kick my butt!

The last time I did FIRM Volume 4 - Time Crunch Workout, my thighs and butt was sore for at least two days.  My pecs and shoulders got serious DOMS from The FIRM's Maximum Body Shaping.  Surely, if I don't have to spend the money on a new DVD player right away, why not use what I've got to see how far my VHS workouts could take me.  Given that my miscellaneous spending budget for next month is less than $75 bucks, I think it only makes sense to focus on tough, effective workouts that work with my good and faithful VCR.  Here's the list of the FIRM workouts I have on VHS that I plan to work my way through for the next couple of months (with 2 runs interspersed in between):

1. FIRM Volume 1 - Body Sculpting Basics
2. FIRM Volume 2 - Low Impact Aerobics
3. FIRM Volume 3 - Aerobic Interval Training
4. FIRM Volume 4 - Time Crunch Workout
5. FIRM Volume 5 - Abs, Hips and Thighs Workout
6. FIRM Volume 6 - Complete Aerobic Weight Training
7. FIRM Not So Tough Aerobics
8. FIRM Tough Aerobics Mix
9. FIRM Standing Legs
10. FIRM Upper Body
11. FIRM Tough Tape
12. FIRM Tough Tape 2
13. FIRM Tortoise
14. FIRM Hare
15. FIRM Cardio
16. FIRM Strength
17. FIRM Fat Blaster
18. FIRM Maximum Body Shaping
19. FIRM Better Body and Buns
20. FIRM Basics Sculpting with Weights completed 1/21/2010
21. FIRM Basics Fat Burning
22. FIRM Basics Abs, Buns and Thighs
23. FIRM Total Body Shaping Mix
24. FIRM Cardio Burn
25. FIRM Cardio Sculpt
26. FIRM Body Sculpt
27. FIRM Abs Sculpt
28. FIRM Cardio Sculpt Blaster
29. FIRM Body Sculpt Blaster
30. FIRM Super Cardio Sculpt
31. FIRM Super Body Sculpt
32. FIRM Lower Body Sculpt I
33. FIRM Complete Aerobics and Weight Training completed 1/28/2010
34. FIRM Maximum Cardio Burn
35. FIRM Total Sculpt Plus Abs
36. FIRM Upper Body Sculpt
37. FIRM 5 Day Stretch* (will use as an add-on only)

This list should keep me busy and yield great results.  One way for me to think about my journey through the 30's is to look at life's little issues as opportunities to find a blessing, rethink an old pattern or come to terms with the mistakes of the past and move forward.  My DVD player is probably a blessing in disguise.  I'm just glad I was open enough to receive it as a blessing.

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  1. What a wonderful attitude. I love my Firm VHS tapes, and while I'm branching out a bit, my VCR gets used every single week.

    I can tell I'm going to enjoy your blog.

    Jo at YaYa