Monday, February 1, 2010

Adventures in Extreme Budgeting - Day Four

No spending to report for Sunday (Day Three) as I was laid up in bed with a sore and stiff neck and shoulder.  Today, I had to run some errands which included mailing a book.  I am a member of where I trade used books with other people.  I post my books, mail them via media mail and receive credits to order more books.  Today, I needed to mail off "Bootcamp for Brides" but I was short $1.00 on postage so I dipped into my "fun" budget to scrounge up a buck.  I also had to mail a form extending my reduced payment on my student loans but I searched high and low for a stamp and envelope around the house.  This month's budgeting is making me extremely aware of what I'm spending and if I can get away with spending next to nothing each day, so be it.

Day Four
Amount Spent: $1.00
Total Remaining: $39.19 (spent $10 less on my cell phone bill so I'm adding it to the discretionary spending)

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