Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Adventures in Extreme Budgeting - Days Five and Six

Day Five

Tuesdays are my 12 hour teaching days.  I'm on campus from 10am to 10pm and by the end of the day, I'm usually exhausted, feet and head hurt and I'm ravenous.  I had a hard time getting up because of my neck pain so I ended up leaving the house later than usual and I didn't eat breakfast which is a big no-no for me.  I ended up stopping by McDonald's when I got close to my job and spent $3.75 on breakfast.  I did pack lunch which was a Lean Pocket, apple and Fiber One bar.  But I didn't eat the dinner I packed because I teach from 4-10pm straight through.  I wanted to go straight to my car so I left my dinner in the office fridge and went to Jack in the Box for a Jumbo Combo (some of the worst shit you can have if you are supposed to be watching your caloric intake).  Spent $4.01 and ended up with the farts for the entire drive home.

Amount Spent: $7.76
Total Remaining: $31.43

Day Six 
I finally bit the bullet and went to see a doctor at Urgent Care about my aching neck. That was $15.00 for that visit.  The doctor said I was suffering from torticollis (or twisted neck) which results in severe muscle spasms.  He said there were any number of causes but torquing my neck seems to be the catalyst.  I was given Flexeril (a muscle relaxer), high dosage ibuprofen and told to use ice packs to help reduce the inflammation and swelling.  The medicine co-pays came to $10.00. Oh yeah, I also spent $4.00 on lunch since I started getting hungry in the doctor's office. Damn!  I've got $3.43 of discretionary spending left.  At least, I didn't blow most of it on junk.  Health and medicine are expenses I can justify so if I have to pull a little money from one budget to my discretionary spending (without borrowing from anyone), I'll consider this move within the guidelines of the challenge.  Normally, I blow discretionary income on magazines, food and other crap.

Amount Spent: 29.00
Total  Remaining: $3.43

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